Designing an Infographic

Last week I started a new position at Cobalt, as the lead designer for the Marketing Communications team. So far, I’ve created a couple different infographics (one for PowerPoint and one for a video). Yesterday I started my third, this one to be displayed on iPad and Web and to be used as a sales tool.  I’m finding inspiration from a variety of awesome sources, including Mashable and Good.Is

I’ve been comparing and dissecting several good infographics, and it appears they are generally sectioned by major categories of information, and then use interesting iconography and illustration to convey otherwise boring statistics. It’s a really fun challenge… Here’s a shot of my initial sketch so far:

Take a look at a few of my inspirations!

Mashable’s comparison of Obama and Romney’s twitter usage

Good’s “Understanding Social Enterprise”

Tradeshift’s “The cost of invoicing”

MarketResearch’s “Generation Text”

Have you created any fun infographics that you’d like to share? Post a reply! I’d love to see more…


Thoughts? Hit me up on Twitter at @robchristianson and let me know what you think.


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