IncrediWorld VBS: Painting Decorations!

It’s time again to start decorating for Vacation Bible School. This year most of the Answers in Genesis decorations require hand painted pieces so that’s what I’m working on today.


I’ve used large cardboard boards and put down a coat of white ceiling paint with a roller to get started. The big screen I am doing (against the wall) has a tempera paint red border (the curriculum says black but I want it fun). Next is the “World of Wonders Zone” sign which will be ringed with blinking christmas lights (thanks Jennifer for the blinking idea!)…


I am doing this with a white coat of ceiling paint too, and I decided to take it a step further than the Teachers Guide shows and turn the O in WOW into a globe. Maybe I’ll add their roller coaster too… I measured the space between light bulbs on the strand and they are 3 inches apart so I planned the dots around the border to poke thru after its painted. The lights will be taped on the back (the wires I mean). I inserted a blinker bulb to get them to flash… This is gonna be cool I hope! More pix to come as I get further.

The painting is done for this one, now to outline with a heavy marker, cut and install lights…


Hopefully others can use these tips (or locally can use my signs after our VBS is over)!

UPDATE: take a look at the finished product! I used 2 or three blinker bulbs, but I did have to adjust the spacing of the bulbs and have them 2 inches apart to account for the stretching when inserting the wires and bulbs thru the holes I punched with a tiny screwdriver.



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