Being a freelance art director… (OR “How I bring home the bacon… Literally)

Several years ago, I ran across an ad on Craigslist looking for a character illustration. After answering the ad and relentlessly perusing the company that posted the ad via Twitter, Email and Facebook, I convinced them to give me a shot. That job would be the beginning of something special. Like bacon.

J&D’s Foods, a small food company in South Seattle had two products that the public was going wild over… Bacon Salt, and Baconnaise. They were about to launch a third product, “Bacon Pop”, the worlds first microwave popcorn flavored like Bacon, and I was tasked with coming up with the character.

After round upon round of crazy characters, from Mickey Mouse-inspired cartoons to a freakish likeness of Kevin Bacon as a piece of meat, “Mr Bacon” was born…


What happened next was a dream come true. J&Ds asked me if I’d be willing to take on the packaging design as well. I leapt at the chance like a hot piece of popcorn, pardon the pun…


And so began a long relationship as the illustrator, designer and art director for my best client ever. Take a look at some of the crazy work I’ve been blessed to work on as I literally “bring home the bacon”!








Thoughts? Hit me up on Twitter at @robchristianson and let me know what you think.


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