Rob Christianson, Art Director (Résumé)


Art Director + Branding Consultant • Seattle, WA


I provide customer-centric design thinking, audience engagement, strategic creative solutions, leadership and executive-level presentation and video consultation backed  by modern digital marketing practices, having branded and directed a Fortune 500 marketing creative department.

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Using Dropbox for Job Hunting in a Mobile World

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One of the most valuable tools I’ve ever used as a creative is Dropbox. I never need to worry about misplacing a jump drive, having files inaccessible because my Mac is at home while at the grocery store with just my phone, or that spontaneous ask for my resume or portfolio. Dropbox is the best. Let me share a few tips on how I’ve learned to use it in new ways during this current season of unemployment.

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Hello, my name is Rob, and I’m unemployed.

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I mean, I’m freelancing. No, consulting. Whatever.

In my last role as Creative Director, I branded a new Fortune 1000 company, helped build a top notch internal design department, learned and taught PowerPoint and design within brand guidelines, facilitated style guide compliance and learned management and prioritization.

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