Designing replacement Wheel of Time book jackets…

I created a replacement book jacket for my copy of Robert Jordan’s Knife of Dreams (the 11th book of the Wheel of Time), based on the ebook covers put out by TOR books.

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Optimizing your resume

I read a great tip on optimizing your resume and LinkedIn profile for ATS systems’ higher scores:

  1. Find some job postings of positions you are interested in, then copy and paste the text into a WordCloud generation site like
  2. Notice which words show up the largest, because of their frequency.
  3. Sprinkle those words into your resume and LinkedIn profile to match up with their bots’ searches to increase your ranking.

Here are some examples, based on a couple of jobs I’m interested in:




This led me to wonder, I wonder how my CURRENT resume holds up already. I loaded up the horsey Word DOC version I keep around for ATS system submissions (You know, the NOT designer-friendly one…) and dropped the text in. Here’s what I got:


Overall, I think it aligns pretty well. I’d be curious to see what my ATS ranking is right now. I’m sure there are tweaks I can definitely make, but it’s a good start. I do notice it duplicates words, which is odd.. but there it is.

Maybe try it yourself, and let me know if you see an uptick in traffic and attention? Good luck out there!


Rob Christianson, Art Director (Résumé)


Art Director + Branding Consultant • Seattle, WA


I provide customer-centric design thinking, audience engagement, strategic creative solutions, leadership and executive-level presentation and video consultation backed  by modern digital marketing practices, having branded and directed a Fortune 500 marketing creative department.

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PowerPoint Samples

Not all designers admit to designing for PowerPoint – in fact, most wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. But PowerPoint is the language of business, and I’m here to help you speak that language in as visually powerful a way as possible. Take a look at some of my recent PowerPoint work.

Recent clients: Microsoft Inspire conference, Microsoft Ready conference, Amazon Web Services, Samsung Retail Center of Excellence, CDK Global

PowerPoint Presentations:

PowerPoint Templates:

Using Dropbox for Job Hunting in a Mobile World

Previously posted at LinkedIn

One of the most valuable tools I’ve ever used as a creative is Dropbox. I never need to worry about misplacing a jump drive, having files inaccessible because my Mac is at home while at the grocery store with just my phone, or that spontaneous ask for my resume or portfolio. Dropbox is the best. Let me share a few tips on how I’ve learned to use it in new ways during this current season of unemployment.

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