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CDK Infographics

Various infographics created for CDK Global, incorporating our new brand and my (adapted) icon library. Continue reading “CDK Infographics”

Star Wars Episode VII cover photos

I just snagged these shots from the new Star Wars VII The Force Awakens trailer… They work great as Twitter or Facebook cover photos! ENJOY Continue reading “Star Wars Episode VII cover photos”

New Logos for Kids Ministry

My newest logos were unveiled this morning for my church’s rebranding of the Children’s Ministry.

20140518-161321.jpg Continue reading “New Logos for Kids Ministry”

Seahawks Mobile Wallpapers / Lock Screens

Download these for BLUE FRIDAY! #goHawks Continue reading “Seahawks Mobile Wallpapers / Lock Screens”

Seahawks Wallpaper

Show your support this week! #seahawks Continue reading “Seahawks Wallpaper”

Miley Cyrus tweets Baconlube

Should I be flattered or unsurprised that Miley Cyrus just tweeted about Baconlube and showed my package? Continue reading “Miley Cyrus tweets Baconlube”

Can you draw in Church?

My pastor saw my notes the other night… “hmm those are some really interesting notes, Rob!”

I’m still new at the church so I’m still getting to know his personality, but I think he understands… Just because I draw in church, doesn’t mean I’m not listening. Continue reading “Can you draw in Church?”

Being a freelance art director… (OR “How I bring home the bacon… Literally)

Several years ago, I ran across an ad on Craigslist looking for a character illustration. After answering the ad and relentlessly perusing the company that posted the ad via Twitter, Email and Facebook, I convinced them to give me a shot. That job would be the beginning of something special. Like bacon. Continue reading “Being a freelance art director… (OR “How I bring home the bacon… Literally)”

Bacon Salt – Out with the old…

Granted this is one of the uglier color schemes of the new line of Bacon Salt labels I did, but here you see my new design on the left, and the previous design on the right.

Let me know your thoughts. Design critiques welcome. Continue reading “Bacon Salt – Out with the old…”

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